OekoAlTop - The micro-dust filter for your automatic wood fire. 

The OekoAlTop is an electrostatic filter which substantially reduces the micro-dust emission of automatic wood fired heating.

The filter is suitable for any kind of automatic wood fired heating systems fueled with wooden logs, shavings, wood chips or wooden pellets up to a capacity of 300 kW. With the installation of a parallel connection device, larger facilities with higher heating capacity can utilize the OekoAlTop.



OekoAlTop facts

- Constructed in a compact form
- Little energy consumption
- High degree of filtration
- Automatic detection of cleaning
  necessity and filter cleaning
- Low maintenance and wear and tear
- Retro fitting
- Normal Capacity up to 300 kW
- Capacity of up to 1,2 MW, with the  
  use of a parallel capacity device
- Power input maximum 80 W




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