OekoAWT – Heat exchange recovery
for your heating system.

Fitting a fuel gas heat exchanger into your heating systems increases the efficiency of your heating system. The OekoAWT covers all boiler heat capacity in a range from 15 kW to 1000 kW.
Almost all fuel sources are tolerated.
The fuel exchange heater can be fitted
in heating systems fueled by oil, gas, wooden logs, shavings or wood chips. Waste heat can be re-utilized and therefore part of the heat energy can be regained, making this an attractive option for the manufacturing sector, such as bakeries and laundries.
Basically, the OekoAWT can be fitted in new and existing heating systems which have very high waste gas temperatures.

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OekoAWT facts

- Heat exchange recovery from hot
  waste air
- Can be retro-fitted
- Increased energy efficiency
  up to 20 %
- Safe and long lasting
- Custom made to your heating system
- Integrated cleaning jets for your  
  bio-mass heating system






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