OekoTube-Inside - The micro-dust filter for your wood and coal fire up to 50 kW.

The OekoTube-Inside is an electrostatic precipitator which substantially reduces your micro-dust soot emissions from small wood and coal heating systems. The micro-dust filter OekoTube-Inside is suitable for all wood an coal fires up to 50 kW capacity and can be either installed in the boiler room or directly into the flue system above the burner. The precipitator is highly efficient and substantially reduces your emission. It can be easily cleaned and maintained by your chimney sweep. 

Due to its compact and sophisticated construction design, the OekoTube-Inside can easily be fitted to both new and existing wood and coal burning heating systems.



Technical specification

- Exhaust temperature: max. 250°C
- High voltage: from 15 - 30 KV
- Electrical output: max. 30 W
- Standby modus: 0.7 W
- Length: 1 m, diameter: 180 mm


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