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The OekoTube-Inside filter functions on the electrostatic principle. The operational principle of the OekoTube-Inside is schematically illustrated in the following pictures:

01 The micro-dust particles are flowing with the used air through the air channel of the OekoTube-Inside. 

02 The high voltage electrode is releasing electrons into the chimney space containing the micro-dust particles. 

03 Due to the electrostatic force the electrons move towards the chimney wall. During this process, the micro-dust will get electrostatic polarized and and is also moving towards the chimney wall.

04 The micro-dust particles are collected on the inside wall of the chimney and clog together into coarse flakes. This particulate matter will be removed by the chimney sweeper at the annual chimney inspection. 


The electrostatic precipitators (ESP) have numerous advantages over wet electrostatic precipitators and ordinary dry filter systems:

- Highly efficient, especially in the nm-qm range of dust
- No loss of pressure draft in the chimney flue
- Very low maintenance and running costs
- No wear and tear


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