U-Filter - The simple precipitator for your wood fired heating system.

The U-Filter is an electrostatic precipitator. (ESP)
It is reducing the micro-dust emission from wood fire appliances considerably.
The filter is suitable for different wood fire boilers like wooden logs, wood chips and wood pellets with a capacity up to 150 kW, with the use of parallel devices larger systems with higher capacity can be fitted.

The U-Filter stands out due to its sophisticated design and simple construction. A heat exchange recovery system can be fitted after the U-Filter. Therefore you can increase even more your efficiency of your heating system.




U-Filter facts

- High efficiency
- Automatic filter cleaning
- Low energy consumption
- Very low wear and tear
- Can be retro-fitted
- Capacity until 150 kW

Condition for installing

- Electrical power supply (230 V AC)
- Fresh water and sewage connection

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